Branded Apparel

  • Nov 30, 2018

You can achieve stronger corporate branding through the use of promotional products. The Trimark team has made it our mission to make it as easy as possible for you to tell your brand identity through apparel. This article, entitled “The Evolution of Branded Apparel,” will help you understand why telling your brand story is so important.
The Evolution of Branded Apparel

Brands can inspire millions of people to join their community, rally for a cause and build social connections with its followers. Ultimately, a brand represents a collection of its values. Collectively, a brand brings its message to life as well as creates a corporate identity. It’s essentially the oxygen to their existence. Without a brand many companies are lifeless.

Why is it important?

Simply put, your “brand” is what the general public thinks of when they hear your brand name. It’s their perception of both fact and emotion that characterizes your brand’s identity. Your brand exists in someone’s mind—it’s the perception-- so it is key to ensure that everything associated with your brand, ties to your vision, image and perception.

My team at Trimark has fostered this belief and evolved our services to ensure we are aligned with this new movement in brand apparel. We have evolved our mindset to push the boundaries of traditional promotional apparel to encompass a brand canvas on which you can tell your story. Each product is created with this in mind and fine-tuned. We ensure the most creative and imaginative decoration methods work cohesively with each garment, allowing a finished look consistent with your brand to evoke pride.

It comes down to this: a brand is only as effective and powerful as the impression it projects; therefore, much caution and thought should be allocated to the decisions made when choosing the right forum to promote it successfully. By losing focus, the dollars spent are often harming your brand.

What do you want your first impression to be?

Take some time to evaluate your brand and how you want it presented to others. As it pertains to branded apparel, you need to ensure that the product, quality, and branding all reflect a unified vision. For example, a youthful brand would most likely select a product that is drastically different from a corporate financial institution, but again, there are factors that can make this statement debatable. With colour, decoration and the person wearing the product, each piece will contribute to the overall impression of the brand. One jacket, in varying colours, decorated with a unique brand, worn by two different groups can portray a completely different look. That’s why the choices you make are key to defining the final branding experience.

Branded apparel, if done effectively and tastefully, can generate infinite impressions and surpass the effectiveness of most traditional marketing initiatives. Statistics have shown that 76 per cent of consumers remember the brand name of a company on a promotional product versus a television or print ad. Think of the various touch-points an employee could potentially have simply on their commute into work: A subway ride, a trip to the coffee shop, a walk to the building. At each point, they will be passing commuters, wearing their branded jacket or shirt.

As cliché as it sounds, they essentially become a walking billboard for your brand. That being said, how do you want that billboard to look and what do you want it to say? It’s all about creating a lasting impactful impression. Imagine investing more in these walking billboards, creating a “wow” uniform or jacket and raising your brand exposure daily. Think of the cost of one branded product versus a mass advertising campaign.

Statistically, there are many pros to branded apparel. In a recent survey, 76 per cent recalled an advertiser’s name on a promotional product that they had received in the past 12 months yet only 54 per cent knew the name of an advertiser in a newspaper read in the previous week. The life cycle of promotional branded product outweighs traditional marketing methods -- provided they are impactful items. A perfect example that hit the market over 10 years ago are reusable bags. They were an instant hit and were quickly adopted by many top brands such as Lululemon, Athletica, Puma, TELUS and more.

What should you consider?

The most important aspect when diving into the world of branded product is to ensure that the product you choose reflects the brand message you want to portray. Think of the longevity, versatility and usability of the item and, most importantly, is it something you are proud of? Would you use or wear this product? Today, we are taking what a typical branded product from the past and revolutionizing it – it should be on par with retail branded merchandise. Why? Because quality equals longevity and both factors contribute to a better overall impression of your brand.

“Branded apparel,” is not just a logo on the left chest. It’s an entire vision set forth by a specialized team to ensure your brand message is accurately portrayed on each garment. With new technology, the options for decoration are endless and continuously evolving.

Thought and imagination play a key role in ensuring that the placement of your brand works cohesively based on the use, product and desired outcome. It’s not coincidence that the NIKE brand is strategically used in areas that are compatible with their energetic image. They want their brand to be seen and they ensure that the placement improves the overall look of each piece. At the end of the day, we want to provide a product that employees, customers, members and visitors can be proud of. They are all part of building your brand.

Brands can inspire millions of people to join their community, rally for a cause and build social connections. Branded apparel contributes to building these connections and provides a unified vision that enables people to be proud of the product they wear. It’s more then the brand, it’s the pride and togetherness that enhance the message. Your brand is only as powerful as the people standing behind it. Make them stand proud in a product you can trust and that portrays your image.